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Why Colonics are Beneficial: 3 Benefits

Cleansing your colon can help improve your overall health including a possible reduce of risk of colon cancer. Colonics, or colonic irrigation, or colon hydrotherapy has been around since ancient times and it’s the process of flushing your colon to remove waste.

While its risks have been analyzed and argued since ancient times, there are tips to ensure a safe cleansing that you should follow before you start such as: Talk to your doctor first, drink plenty of fluids, choose your therapist wisely, and ensure you’re only using disposable equipment and protective gear.

With that being said, here are 3 benefits colonics can bring to you.

Helps weight loss

Food sticks to your intestinal walls if it lacks fiber. This builds up and literally weighs down your intestinal tract. When you cleanse, all that built up matter which has weight is flushed out of your system, and in some cases, it can lead to weight loss. This can also be a learning moment for yourself to include more fiber in your diet. The more fiber you eat the better your digestive tract is, and the less excess weight is stuck.

Helps Body Absorb Nutrients

All toxins your body takes in makes its way to your colon. Those toxins can linger and cause damage. Once your colon is cleansed and cleared of those lingering toxins, only water, vitamins and nutrients will be absorbed into your bloodstream. This also allows your colon itself to function at full capacity.

Increase Energy and Mind

Nutrition is a main factor to mental health, and if you are not absorbing important nutrients, your body and your mind isn’t as healthy as it can be. Releasing toxins allows your body to refocus its energy that is usually being used to force waste through your intestines, and for other areas of your body. Some who have done colonic irrigation have claimed to have better blood circulation, higher concentration and more restful sleep. Better blood circulation, higher concentration and better sleep also correlate with people who eat a healthy diet and regularly exercise.

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