Full body oleation that helps to relax the mind and body, improve circulation, move lymph and promote the optimal flow of prana (life force energy). Warm, herbalized oils are used from head to toe and clients should be prepared to leave with oil in their hair. 

Price  - $75.00


Add Ons for Abhyanga:

  • Kati Basti: dough dam placed over the lower back and filled with warm oil to relieve pain. 30 minute add on

  • Hrid Basti: dough dam placed over the heart chakra to help open the heart center and release stuck/old emotions. 30 minute add on

  • Nabhi Basti: dough dam placed over the navel and filled with oil. The navel is where 72,000 subtle energy channels meet. Used to aid digestion, menstrual disorders, nourishes 2nd and 3rd chakras. 30 minute add on.

Add Ons are $30.00 each.

Oil Massage