Had my first ever facial by Maggie, simply amazing. My skin feels like silk. Very nice experience. Will be back to see her again.

I also had the Rain Drop Massage by Shannon. I loved the massage, the oils smell great and I felt so relaxed when I left. I will be back to see her again as well.

Glad I found Origins of Wellness. Would highly recommend them.

Tammy S.

In recent weeks I have undoubtedly noticed an immense improvement in the service here, I must insist on booking a treatment or two, you will leave feeling amazingly revived and rejuvenated.

Jenny A.

Go see Maggie she has the magic touch! Excellent experience!

Jaime K.

Had a crazy relaxing massage. I feel so rejuvenated! Need to go more often.

Jeff S.

Over the course of three years, I saw two different general physicians, five dermatologists, two allergists, and a rheumatologist, but nobody from the “traditional healthcare system” knew how to heal my severe eczema. It broke out suddenly and for no reason whatsoever. During this time, I used prescribed pills and creams that never worked, and the eczema eventually spread to cover half of my body. Scratching and bleeding through my pants and shirts at work was typical protocol on a daily basis. Bottom line, I was miserable both physically and mentally.

Then I met Angela at Origins. I trustingly showed Angela my almost defeated body and wounds. Her compassion and quiet confidence was different than what I had experienced with my traditional doctors of the past. After her review, she said, “Yes, I know exactly what to do. You need to follow my plan and you will be better.”

She had me on a custom program that consisted of a new diet, enzymes, and colon hydrotherapy. Within two short months I was 99% clean of any eczema. Without Origins of Wellness and Angela’s expertise, I honestly don’t know where I would be today.

Craig K.